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Hello Dance Team Families,


Hope this email finds everyone well.  The team has been hard at work over the past couple months.  Our JV athletes have worked on goal setting for the season, plans for attaining those goals and are focused on refining their technical skills.  Our varsity athletes have had a chance to work with two amazing choreographers and are working hard to get those two routines ready for competition season.  They have also done goal setting and personal development with learning sessions from Rob Miller with Proactive Coaching centered around ‘playing with confidence’ and ‘athlete life lessons’.  Our Fall Performance Team (both JV and varsity) are working on cleaning two amazing routines from UDA for football season, conditioning / technical skill building and have even taken a bit of time to have some socially distanced fun with our Halloween practice where we dressed up, learned the Thriller dance and enjoyed some sweet treats.  We are really impressed with how hard these athletes are working and embracing all the changes that have come at them this season! 


Attached to this email you will find the most recent copy of our schedule.  While we have a lot of more information since our last update there are still a few items that we are waiting to be finalized.  Once we have any further updates, and as we draw nearer to competition and football season, we will send further information regarding those events.  As always the most recent calendar, contact info and past communications can be found on our website  (Parent/Athlete page, password- kdance2020, please do not share this password outside of the team).  Information is also shared with directly with the athletes through our Band App.


Schedule Updates:

  • Fall Performance Team (JV and Varsity)

    • We will have our modified Fall Performance Team Holiday Party on Saturday, December 19.  All athletes will be taking part in a virtual masterclass from Dance Team Union (DTU).  Following that we will have a fun (socially distanced) holiday celebration.  Times are being solidified and will be sent out as soon as possible.  

    • Football games have been determined and are noted on the schedule.  The current plan is to be at all games played at Papermaker Stadium.

  • JV

    • All Fall Performance Team Practices, which include JV team members, are in red on the schedule.  As noted in our last update, typically the JV would finish their season following football in November.  With the move of the football the JV team will continue to practice throughout the season.  We look forward to the extra time to work with the JV athletes.

  • Varsity

    • Weekend competition schedule/practices have been solidified now that our state association and local competitions have published rescheduled dates.  We are planning to do even more competitions than last season and look forward to showcasing our amazing routines.  Please note these could be subject to change dependent on the COVID situation as we draw nearer to the dates.  

    • We hope to have the chance to perform at a couple basketball games this season as well and as soon as we have more info on that we will pass it along.

    • WACPC (our state association) regionals will take place in March, locations and times are still TBD.  Kimberly will not be hosting this event.  As of right now we have been told that state will happen via video submission but that is still being discussed.  More details will be shared once we have further info.

    • To ensure the safety of our athletes and staff, no athletic teams are allowed to travel out of the state. Because of this we will not be able to attend an in-person nationals event as previously planned.   Instead, we have decided to attend UDA Nationals virtually this season.  Although it is unfortunate we will not be able to make the trip this season we hope to make the virtual event experience a lot of fun!  We look forward to competing virtually with amazing teams across the country.


Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Thank you for your support.


Coach Kelly Van Noie and Coach Katie Arnold

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