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Hello Dance Team Parents,


It was very nice to meet everyone at the meeting last Thursday.  Your time was greatly appreciated and we are looking forward to getting to know everyone better throughout the season!


During the season we will be sending periodic emails (typically monthly) out to the parent group regarding important team information, to provide reminders for due dates and also to outline upcoming activities/events.  To ensure the effective use of the email group we ask that when folks need to send emails to the group that we all try to limit the amount of emails needed to be sent, make sure the messages are informative but concise and finally that we avoid the 'reply all' whenever possible (please try and respond directly to the person sending the email unless necessary to reply to the whole group).  This will hopefully help to keep our inboxes more manageable. :)


Our team website ( has a secure page (Parent/Athlete Page) that contains the information listed below.  The password is kpdt2020 (please do not share this outside of the team).

  • Team Contact List

  • Team Schedule  

  • 2019-20 Team Handbook (this provides information on the overall program and is what we went through during the parent/athlete meeting)

  • Practice Schedule Conflict Form (for the athletes to provide any scheduling conflicts for the season)

  • Information on the Strength and Conditioning Signup


Below are a couple reminders:

  • The first team practice is today (May 7) from 6-8pm in the small gym of JRG.  Our locations for summer will change between JRG and Woodland so please ensure you take a look at the locations noted on the schedule.

  • Please review and sign the last page of the 2019-20 KPDT Handbook and bring this into the coaching staff (only the last page) by Saturday, May 11.  We will have some hard copies of the last page at practice tonight.

  • Please fill out the Conflict Form on the website with any practice/event conflicts for the season and turn this in by Saturday, May 11.  We will have hard copies of this form tonight at practice as well.

  • Team Fees:  The first payment of $250 will be due at practice on Thursday, May 30. Checks can be made payable to the Kimberly Dance Team. This payment covers camp and acro class deposits and must be in by this date in order to secure a spot in camp/classes.

  • Physicals and Med Forms- All athletes are required to have a physical every other year.  The physical form can be found on the Kimberly Athletics website (link).  Also every athlete must turn in a Med Form (Yellow Card) each year which is also located on the Kimberly Athletics website (link)-please note this form requires multiple signatures.  With several sports/schools appointments fill up fast so please schedule asap if a physical is needed.  These forms should be turned into the Kimberly Athletic Office (not to coaching staff) by July 1.  


Lastly, as discussed at the meeting on Thursday, the coaching staff is still looking for parent volunteers (returning or new) to lead the following events.  Please let us know if you would be willing!  

  • Fall Dance Clinic (entails coordinating parent volunteers to help work the event and coordinate snacks for during the clinic) 

  • Winter Dance Clinic (entails coordinating parent volunteers to help work the event and coordinate snacks for during the clinic) 

Have a great rest of your week.  We are looking forward to an amazing season!!


Coach Kelly Van Noie and Coach Katie Arnold


Kelly Van Noie

Head Dance Coach

Kimberly High School


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