Hello Dance Team Parents,


It was very nice to meet everyone at the meeting this last Monday.  Your time was greatly appreciated and I am looking forward to getting to know everyone better throughout the season!


During the season I will be sending periodic emails out to the parent group regarding important team information, to provide reminders for due dates and also to outline upcoming activities/events.  To ensure the effective use of the email group I ask that when folks need to send emails to the group that we all try to limit the amount of emails needed to be sent, make sure the messages are informative but concise and finally that we avoid the 'reply all' whenever possible (please try and respond directly to the person sending the email unless necessary to reply to the whole group).  This will hopefully help to keep our inboxes more manageable. :)


Attached to this email you will find the following:

  • Team Contact List (if there are any changes needed please let me know as soon as possible)

  • 2017-18 Handbook and team schedule through November that was provided at the Informational Meeting this past Monday

  • Information on the Girls Lifting Program at KHS (great way to build strength and endurance for the upcoming season!)


Below are a couple reminders of upcoming events:

  • The first team practice is this Monday (June 26) from 6-8pm and will be held in the Woodland Gym (we are working to get all practice locations solidified and will pass along an updated schedule once that is complete). 

  • A signed copy of the KPDT Handbook needs to be turned in by the girls to the coaching staff as soon as possible (if not done so already)

  • The first team payment (of two for the season) is due at practice on Monday, July 10.  The amount is $225 and checks can be made out to Kimberly High School.


Lastly, as discussed at the meeting on Monday, the coaching staff is looking for parent volunteers (returning or new) who would be willing to lead one or more of our team activities / fundraisers. Parent leads would work along with the coaching staff to communicate, host meetings (if necessary), coordinate team/parent volunteers and ensure a successful event.  Your time and support would be greatly appreciated!   Please see the list below and get back to Coach Kelly Van Noie as soon as possible if you are interested and willing to take the lead in an area(s).  

  1. Fan apparel- Lead:  Dave Congemi (Thanks, Dave!)

  2. Sponsorship Program- Lead Needed

  3. Team Community Service Event/Project- Lead Needed

  4. Fall Kids Dance Clinic-  Lead Needed 

  5. Fall Self-Defense Clinic- Lead: Lori Fuller (Thanks, Lori!)

  6. WACPC Regionals- Lead Needed for overall event coordination and Co-Leads for different areas (concessions, admissions, etc). 

  7. Winter Kids Clinic- Lead Needed

  8. End of the Year Banquet- Lead Needed


Have a great rest of your weekend.  We are looking forward to an amazing season!!


Kelly Van Noie