Hello Varsity Dance Team Parents,


Hope this email finds everyone well.  This communication is to provide information for our Varsity Team families.  Please see the updates below.


Schedule Items

Attached you will find the most updated version of our schedule.  This has been a very tough year navigating all the reschedules, rule changes, cancellations and all the other curveballs we have been thrown in this unique season.  We are extremely proud of the resilience our athletes have shown.  They have worked extremely hard to overcome the challenges of this season and have kept a positive energy flowing throughout the team.  As coaches we could not be more pleased with how they have handled everything and the progress they have made thus far.  Updates to the schedule include:

  • Hortonville competition will be in person on Feb 13 as well as allow 2 spectators per dancer.  As soon as we have further information and times we will pass that along.

  • Many of our athletes asked for some open gym time to work skills, we have added an optional open gym on Monday, Jan 25

  • UDA National Dance Team Competition has cancelled for the end of this month so we have added a practice on Jan 30 instead from 8-12pm

  • We have been given the green light to add a basketball performance on Thursday, Feb 11.  Parents will have the opportunity to watch their athletes perform. More details will be shared on this soon.

  • The remainder of our competitions are included.  More details on each event will be shared as we get closer

  • More information regarding our football season, parent night and senior night will be sent as it becomes available


COVID Testing

In order for our athletes to be eligible to practice/play they will need to complete the weekly COVID testing every week in season.  After receiving the current week test result parents are able to sign their athlete up for the next week.  That sign up must take place before noon each Friday.  Instructions were provided by the school and we will continue to send out reminders. Here is the note from our athletic office:

Please send a reminder to your students and parents to make sure they sign up for COVID19 testing on Monday.

This needs to be complete by Friday at NOON.

  • Also remind your students to go to the indoor facility on Monday before their first block class to get tested.  7:00am to 7:40am.

  • They need to sign up even if they're in quarantine.  Quarantined students will be tested on Tuesday morning at the administration drive thru between 6:45 a.m. and 7:45 a.m. (they still need to sign up for a Monday test)


Thanks for all your great support so far this season.  We look forward to when we are able to see you all back in person and meet our new families! 


Coach Kelly Van Noie and Coach Katie Arnold