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Hi Dance Team Families,


Happy Holidays!!  Hope this email finds everyone safe and well.


Our dance team athletes have been working hard over the past month.  The Fall Performance Team (JV and Varsity) is nearing completion on two routines that we look forward to debuting at Papermaker Stadium come spring.  The Varsity Team finished their jazz competition routine and submitted that into the Holiday Virtual Championship competition with Dance Team Union (DTU).  The competition allows for teams across the nation to compete together without travel and the results will be aired via livestream this Saturday.


2020 Holiday Party Details

This Saturday we will have our team Holiday Party.  While the format will be a bit different this season to ensure the safety of our athletes, we are confident it will be just as fun!  We will meet at Woodland at 11:00am this Saturday.  We have split the team into groups and each group will be taking a masterclass in a different style.  Following learning the combos we will show off what we learned.   Then we will be catering in boxed lunches from Panera and will watch the DTU Holiday Virtual Championship via this livestream.  A schedule of the teams performing as well as our performance is attached. Here is the livestream link: DTU Livestream Saturday 12/19.  We plan to be done at 2:30pm.


There are no changes to our calendar since last month except we have added practice locations.  Attaching that schedule with updated locations.  These have all been entered into Band App for the athletes as well.  For our Varsity Team, we will have further information on the Kaukauna Dance Classic on Jan 16 in a follow-up email. 


We hope everyone has a great Holiday.  We are thankful for our amazing Kimberly Dance Team families and we look forward to a great 2021!


Coach Kelly Van Noie and Coach Katie Arnold

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